There are two ways you can visit the EPRC. For a standard excursion you buy a ticket ($2 USD) and guided tour ($1 USD) from Cuc Phuong National Park at the park reception.

OR you can go on an Expert Tour with EPRC that will take from 1 - 1,5 hours. A walk with EPRC's guide around the center doesn't stop at just looking at primates behind the mesh and getting to know about species information, but it is a unique chance for you to hear stories about rescue missions that the EPRC carried out, the work of the animal keepers which keep the animals alive and healthy, and the reintroduction projects by the EPRC. In addition, a glimpse into the kindergarten of the EPRC where different species of young orphaned langurs co-exist under the same roof is not to be missed. There are also opportunities to take pictures of our hand-raised primates who are victims of illegal wildlife trade. 

Our expert tours are available in: German, English and Vietnamese.

To book an Expert Tour, please use the booking tool below.

To book a special Loris Night Tour, please contact the Cuc Phuong National Park Tourism department, or e-mail us at


We ask you to make a donation of $35 per adult in CASH (whether in USD or VND - maximum 6 people) for the Expert tour. The tour takes a little over 1 hour and each paying guest receives a set of six primate postcards.

       1. Choose the date you want to visit the EPRC by clicking on the calendar.

       2. Tell us your Name + Email, if possible Vietnamese mobile number.

       3. In Details field, please specify: you prefer the 10 a.m or 2 p.m tour +  Number of visitors + their Nationality.

       4. Provide any additional information or request if necessary. 

       5. We will process your booking request and send an email to you to confirm whether or not your request is approved.

For all other inquiries and questions contact us here.