Available volunteer projects

The EPRC is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with the following projects:

Insect breeding and care 
We currently rely on the capture of wild insects for the nutritional requirements of the 2 Loris species housed at the EPRC. We are looking for a volunteer to help set up an insect breeding programme for mealworms, crickets or any potential insects to help create a sustainable resource for feeding to the lorises, as well as being able to use any surplus as enrichment feeding for other species housed at the centre.

Animal record keeping
We are looking for a volunteer to help with data entry into ZIMS animal management software. The EPRC has a large amount of animal record data stored on paper which needs to be transferred onto computer software for both ease of use, the ability to share and collate data as well as for security. This is quite an important job and we require people with highest level of discipline

Waste management of browse (leaves fed to langur species)
The EPRC gets through 300 kilograms of leaf material a day to enable us to feed all the langurs we care for! As our rescue numbers have grown, so has the amount of sticks and leaves we need to dispose of. We are looking for skilled or experienced help with finding better solutions for the disposal of this waste in an environmentally conscious way. This can either be through voluntary assistance or through consultancy.

Contact us via: volunteer@eprc.asia