A few weeks ago, a tropical depression hit Cuc Phuong and brought heavy rain which caused terrible flooding to the whole area! EPRC was no exception and unfortunately, 30 meters of electric fence in the semi-wild area collapsed! If you haven’t supported EPRC before, now is the good time!

We barely call for big contribution, but this time, we really need you support! The tropical depression just passed Cuc Phuong a few weeks ago and left us with a huge area of damaged fence in the semi-wild area. Fortunately all the animals are safe and now are transported back to safer enclosures inside our center.

The water pressure after continuous rain was tremendous! Even some cows in nearby village got washed away! 😨 Eventually, nearly 30 METERS of electric fence of semi-wild area was totally damaged, not to even count other minor damages in the enclosures!

Therefore, EPRC officially call for your help with your financial support! We estimate that this will cost us around

60,000,000 VND (appx. 2,800 USD)

to fix and at this end of the year with so many projects going on, it is hard for us to pull this huge amount of money immediately. This amount of money will be used to pay for purchasing new mesh, electric wires, cement, stones and labor cost to fix the fences.

You can help us right now by clicking onto the orange button “DONATE NOW” at your right side! Every dollar counts and we truly appreciate your help! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!