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We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and critically endangered primate species.

We are resolved to turn the tide for Vietnam's primates every day.


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25 species of Vietnam’s primates are ‘on the edge of extinction’

11 species listed as Critically Endangered



Primate poaching is widespread and common in Vietnam. Poachers covet the monkeys for their bones, organs and tissues, which are used in traditional medicines. The essential reason for the immense volume of wildlife in the illegal trade and the dramatic decline of wild animal populations – not only primates – results from an ineffective, unmotivated and apathetic enforcement of existing laws.


Habitat Destruction & Fragmentation

Deforestation of natural forests in Vietnam is proceeding at an alarming rate, and even though forested areas in general increase through reforestation it is predominantly as monoculture plantations. A large number of protected areas are very small or fragmented, and are therefore highly vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts. 

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We are being affected by one of the biggest hurricanes in the last 20 years in Vietnam. It has been continuously rained for 3 days and causing the water in the forest to rise rapidly.Yesterday afternoon, we moved 2 lorises out of the danger zone. Our staff had to wade through a stream where the water level was deep.Fortunately, we made it successfully, all animals and staff are safe now. We wish everybody and animals in the areas where the storm was passing to be safe. Hope the heavy rain will stop soon——–#eprc #loris #culi #animal #rescue #hurricane #cucphuong #coolie See MoreSee Less
Baby gibbon was rescued from Dien Bien border provinceAfter receiving the short video sent by a ranger, our EPRC staff quickly go to help the animal.The animal was trapped in the forest and found by a local H’mong name A Chang. According to him: when he was going to his upland field, he found the weak animal was trapped. He took it home to take care and then called the local ranger.It took hours to arrive the place where A Chang is living. The area is very sparsely populated, each family is a few kilometers apart, and some even has to walk several hours to get there. According to the local rangers, this area still appears the illegal hunting. Rangers have solved some cases of Sun bears, macaques, wild pig…hunted. Why did you choose to save it but not sell or eat it? (we asked A Chang)He honestly replied: I met it like a charm, I did not know exactly what kind of animal it is. But when I looking at it, I see it like a pitiful child, who eats it? Finally, the gibbon was safely arrived to the EPRC. She is a young female Northern White Cheeked Gibbon, a Critically Endangered species. Thanks for A Chang and the Dien Bien rangers for putting in a lot of effort to make the rescue successful.Unsung heroes are all around us!—–#eprc #gibbon #rescue #animal #monkey #vượn #cứu_hộ See MoreSee Less

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