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We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and critically endangered primate species.

We are resolved to turn the tide for Vietnam's primates every day.


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Female with 131 day baby

25 species of Vietnam’s primates are ‘on the edge of extinction’

11 species listed as Critically Endangered



Primate poaching is widespread and common in Vietnam. Poachers covet the monkeys for their bones, organs and tissues, which are used in traditional medicines. The essential reason for the immense volume of wildlife in the illegal trade and the dramatic decline of wild animal populations – not only primates – results from an ineffective, unmotivated and apathetic enforcement of existing laws.


Habitat Destruction & Fragmentation

Deforestation of natural forests in Vietnam is proceeding at an alarming rate, and even though forested areas in general increase through reforestation it is predominantly as monoculture plantations. A large number of protected areas are very small or fragmented, and are therefore highly vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts. 

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[English translation below]🌳Cây và cây nhưng không giống nhau.
Cả hai bức hình đều cùng là cô Vượn trên cây nhưng trong hai hoàn cảnh khác nhau.
Hình đầu tiên là cô Vượn Victoria được chụp vào mùa hè năm 2004 khi chúng mình giải cứu bạn ấy tại khách sạn 5 sao Victoria ở Miền nam, Việt Nam.
Hình thứ hai vẫn lại là Victoria đấy nhưng 15 năm sau, trong bộ lông vàng cam của một cô vượn trưởng thành đang say ngủ trên cây trong khu bán hoang dã EPRC.
Bạn thấy đấy, hai thời điểm, hai hoàn cảnh nhưng cũng vẫn là “Victoria ngồi trên cây”
🌳Tree and tree is not the same
On both pictures you see the same gibbon on a tree, but in an absolute different context.
First picture of our gibbon female Victoria taken in summer 2004 when we rescued her at the 5 Star Victoria Hotel in Southern Vietnam.
Second picture shows the same gibbon female Victoria again, 15 years later, in yellow adult coloration, sleeping on a tree in our semi wild enclosure at the EPRC.
So you see, both times the same gibbon on a tree but completely different situation.
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Can you play the Guitar ? 🎸
Our langur babies can. Trust me!
There are 3 strings in their enclosure in our semi-wild area so they can play “ Do – Re – Mi” songs. 🎹
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