Our Philosophy

Over 180 animals have been born at EPRC, some being the first of their species.


A future where Vietnam’s biodiversity is valued and its primates are secure in a safe and healthy habitat.

Rescuing and rehabilitation endangered primates confiscated from illegal trade

Establishing captive populations of highly endangered primates species

Releasing primates successfully into suitable habitat

Gaining and disseminating knowledge that inspires our community to contribute to the survival of Vietnams primate fauna

We believe the key to securing a future for Vietnams primates lies in the commitment and cooperation of all stakeholders:


The primary function of EPRC is to provide rescue and rehabilitation to endangered and critically endangered primates that have been confiscated from illegal wildlife trade. We have established captive populations of highly endangered primate species, with a final aim to reintroduce and release these animals as stable family groups into well-protected natural areas. During this process, we work to achieve our goals with compassion, commitment, transparency, and cooperation.


Longterm dedication to welfare and conservation


Honesty, transparency, and accountability in our work


Empowering and encouraging staff for self-improvement


Ambitious actions undertaken unconditionally with positivity and without ego

Our Philosophy

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