Volunteering at the EPRC provides a unique opportunity to experience first hand the rescue and care of Vietnams endangered primates.


Volunteers play an important role at the EPRC and we welcome your involvement in our program. Volunteers generally come to the EPRC because they wish to:

  • Gain an insight into Vietnams endangered primates
  • Experience what it is like to be a wildlife carer
  • Challenge themselves by trying some thing new and unique
  • Incorporate volunteer work into travel, creating a unique travel experience
  • Make a difference by assisting in a conservation program with direct outcomes for endangered species
  • Learn first hand about Vietnamese culture and wildlife, and the issues facing conservation in Vietnam

A volunteer placement at the EPRC can be an incredibly rewarding experience that at the same time supports a well-established and active primate conservation program.


As a volunteer at the EPRC, the work you will be doing varies all the time and there is no such thing as a typical day. Generally you will be assisting our local keepers to prepare animal food and feed and clean enclosures. Other work could include repair and construction of cages, building and installing enrichment items, giving tours to visitors. Depending on your skills volunteers can also help in fields such as gardening, research, project management and media. Long term volunteers will be trained to undertake these duties independently.

If you are working directly with our animal keepers you will start work at 6:30 am. Keepers have a break for breakfast from 8:00-9:00 am, lunch from 11:30-1:30 pm and the workday concludes at 4:45 pm. Staff work a rota system so we have staff to cover work on weekends. As a volunteer you will have weekends free, and additional time can be made available after discussion with the head keeper.


Volunteers do not need animal experience, only enthusiasm, compassion for animals, a willingness to pitch in and a good team spirit. If you have other skills, such as construction, graphic design, education or horticulture we will try to utilize these skills during your volunteer placement. Students of biology, primatology, zoology and conservation science are encouraged to volunteer at the EPRC, and we are happy to cater for academic needs.

For more details about our volunteer program please download the Volunteer Information Booklet using the button below.

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Karolina Poland

" I'm a zookeeper from Wroclaw Zoo in Poland and during the month I spent in EPRC I had the possibility to work with unique animals and amazing people. Every piece of this rescue center is created with passion and love for animals. This place taught me a lot and offered me an experience which will be helpful to work back in my zoo. I'm so grateful for that! It was also a month of such a good time with other volunteers and all keepers. We celebrated Vietnamese New Year together and we started the pig year in a very nice atmosphere! "

Anna Germany

"Primates and the rainforest were always things which fascinated me a lot. So I was very happy to get the opportunity to work at the EPRC and after 3 months, I can say that it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about the primates, the Vietnamese culture and what it is like to be an animal keeper. No matter if it's hot or raining a lot, it was always fun to work together with the keepers. Preparing enrichment for the Gibbons, and see how they handle with it, was one of my favorite activities. After a while I became very attached to some of the primates. Every individual has a special character and it's very interesting to get to know their story."

Jannick Netherlands

I volunteered at the EPRC for six weeks to learn about conservation and animal keeping, and learn I did! I'd never worked with animals before, but everyone went out of their way to teach me about the animals, their needs, their personalities and so much more! I particularly loved creating toys and enrichment for the Langurs and watching them explore and play. The staff and the other volunteers were very friendly, fun and, above all, capable and devoted to the animals. Along the way, I also learned a lot about the local culture, language and customs from the Vietnamese keepers. My stay at the EPRC was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, and I wish I could have stayed longer. If you're interested in primates, conservation and animal care you will be right at home here!

Be part of the EPRC team and contribute to securing a future for Vietnams primates.