New rescued Pygmy Loris

A few days ago again we confiscated a Pygmy Loris. It is a female and she is in very poor condition. This loris is very skinny and malnurished, her fur is very scruffy, her eyes are infected. Until our staff come to rescue her, she was even chained around her neck.
When we had a closer look we saw that her tits are still obviously and visible, what means she recently had a baby on her suckling, what most probably died when she was caught by the hunter. It is always hard for us to loom at animals in such a poor condition.
Our staff will make a big effort to rehabilitate her. But it will last month or even years until she is a healthy and good looking Pygmy loris again that is ready to be released back into the wild.
If we see wild animals in such a poor state we often ask ourselves how people can be so cruel to wildlife? What is the point in keeping a wild primate at home and make it suffer so much?
When will the wildlife trade finally end?
There is still a long way to go. But you can support our work by spreading the word „Primates are no pets!“ and / or donating to the EPRC.
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