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Do you know that we have a special Loris Night Tour? Normally when you join the 15-minute tour by Cuc Phuong guide, you cannot see lorises because they are sleeping obviously in the day. At EPRC Vietnam, we offer a Loris Night Tour at some specific loris cages for educational purposes and for true loris lovers – who don’t buy loris and keep them at home unhealthy.

» At the beginning of the tour, you will have a brief introduction about lorises, how to differentiate Slow and Pygmy Lorises, and their current status in the wild.

» You may stumble upon this super adorable scene: lorises hang themselves upside down from the tree branch or mesh.

» We will prepare stick insects and tree sap so you can feed the lorises over the mesh. In the photo there are 2 pygmy lorises fed with stick insects. Look at those lovely deary eyes!!!

» You can feed lorises directly. We have to use red torchlight so as not to hurt lorises’ vulnerable eyes.

» Therefore taking photos will be some struggle. However, seeing lorises with your own eyes is for sure unforgettable experience which cannot captured by photos.

» A slow loris enjoys his delish treat.

  • In order to book this tour, you just need to express your wish at the receptionist counter of Cuc Phuong National Park.
  • Loris Night Tour will be guided by EPRC specialist.
  • Available languages: English, German and Vietnamese.
  • Total duration for the tour is 1 hour.
  • Tour fee: $25 for 1-2 people.
    Every extra person pays extra $5/each. The maximum size for independent bookings is 6 people, and for tour bookings is 8 people.
  • Things to bring: Mosquito repellent, Anti-slippery shoes, Mobile phone with flashlight (to see the way to loris closures).

A lovely footage of EPRC lorises sharing a stick insect:

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