1. Catba Langurs’ Special Trait

Drinking salt water is a unique typical trait in Catba Langurs which differentiates them from other langur species. As their only natural inhabitat area now is Catba island, it seems that these langurs have adapted to their surrounding environment and seek for some salt water just like the fishermen like their food salty.

The feature picture was beautifully and timely taken by Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project – the only on-site project on Catba island now which specializes in Catba langurs. They established a protected langur sanctuary inside Cat Ba National Park in 2002, and work closely with the rangers to guarantee the safety of these Vietnam endemic primates which are also one of the rarest primates on Earth.

2. Song of Catba Langur

You may have listened to the song of gibbons through our short documentary film, but probably not yet the song of langurs. This rare footage of Catba langurs’ call in the wild from Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project will let you know about the voice of langurs. It is absolutely different from gibbons’ one, yet, still interesting and eye-opening to primates lovers.

Langurs are normally quieter than gibbons. They only vocalise like this to announce their territory or when they feel threatened.


Get to know more about the critically endangered Catba Langurs here: http://bit.ly/Catba_Langur_EPRC
and http://www.eprc.asia/our-animals/langurs/cat-ba-langur/

There are still so many things we can learn and need to learn from this Critically Endangered langur species: Catba Langur – whose total population is just 60 individuals in ALL OVER THE PLANET. Therefore, help local projects like EPRC and Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project  so these beautiful animals can one day climb out of their “Critically Endangered” status!