EPRC facilitate research in the following priority areas:

EPRC provides a unique opportunity for research that will benefit the care and conservation of Vietnams highly threatened primates.

In cooperation with research institutions worldwide, EPRC has facilitated research on the locomotion, behavior, nutrient intake, genetics, and systematics of primates, with findings being shared in numerous publications, both in Vietnam and internationally. Together with the German Primate Center, the taxonomy of Vietnamese primates has been clarified – an important step for their successful conservation. New species like the Grey-Shanked Douc Langur, the Annamese Silvered Langur, and the Northern Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon have been identified and the taxonomy of other species like the Hatinh langur, Grey Langur, and Pygmy Loris has been clarified on a molecular genetic basis.

In addition to research undertaken onsite, the staff at EPRC have been active in fieldwork throughout the country.

EPRC houses a unique collection of endemic and highly endangered species and provides some excellent research opportunities. To date, EPRC has facilitated research for numerous Masters and Ph.D. candidates and aims to continue to provide opportunities and facilitate both undergraduate and postgraduate research in the following priority areas: Captive Care, Rehabilitation, Release and Reintroduction, Veterinary Care.


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