Joris enjoyed the gift from our keeper Sinh
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It’s true we have gibbon enrichment on a daily basis,…but not so often enrichment for our langurs. We do that because of some reasons:

  • Due to the three times leaf feeding for all of our langurs they are occupied for a long time during the day. Most of them in our Center live in groups so they interact with each other, groom each other and the kids always have somebody to play with.
  • The other thing is we don’t want to hang toys in their cages the way we do it inside our gibbon cages because we worry that accidents could happen with the ropes, langurs are not as street smart as gibbons!
  • So usually when we want to give our langurs some joy, we cut big fresh branches with leaves and place them inside their enclosure. The little langurs like to play and jump in it and the older ones enjoy leaves and bark.

But today we thought about trying a novelty especially for our single males who have nobody to socialize and may feel bored a bit. We used similar baskets we sometimes use for the gibbons and filled them with yummy hibiscus leaves and then hung them from outside on their cage fence.

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